Investment opportunities

MWM Property Northwest offer several investment opportunities. Take a look at our most popular below and download our Investment Proposal for more information.

Option 1
Short-term investment – rolled up return (project specific 6-12 months)
8% return

  • Set period of short-term investment
  • MWM Property Northwest Ltd will focus solely on the project
  • Investor receives an 8% return on their loan at the end of the project
  • All interest and capital are returned as soon as the property is refinanced or sold

Option 2
Short term investment – monthly interest payment (project specific 6-12months)
7.5% per annum 

  • Allows the opportunity for the investor to collect a regular income from the project
  • Monthly interest payment
  • Investment capital is repaid at the end of the project

Option 3
Long term monthly interest (long-term / not project specific)
8% per annum

  • Not property specific
  • Investor maintains long-term, regular income with interest paid on a monthly or yearly basis at a fixed interest rate
  • Minimum investment term of 24 months
  • Capital repaid at the end of the agreement
  • Suitable for an investor looking to obtain a regular monthly income or a fixed yearly payment for a 2+ year period

Option 4
Longer term loan agreements
Variable return 

  • Longer term investment options are available
  • Suitable for investors seeking a fixed return on investment over a 3/5/7/10+ year period
  • Terms vary and are agreed on an individual basis

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